Hello, World!

Sunrise with flying ducks

Finiam hit the road running and time truly flew by. As we end 2020, we look back at what happened in the first year of the company and the last couple of months and noticed that somewhere along the road we forgot to introduce ourselves. With this we intend to correct that discourtesy but first, bear with me for a little while longer while we make a trip to the memory lane before we get down to business.

First, my name is José and I’m finiam’s CEO. This journey begins with me and Davide, our CTO, leaving the startup we were working on, Crediflux, and embracing the new challenge that was heading what would become the finiam we know today.

Finiam itself already existed as created by a bunch of talented people who started it initially as Onebiller, which also served as the name for their product. Onebiller renamed to finiam when they tried to expand their range of products and overgrew the original name. Lastly, the people who brought these two worlds together and empowered a new chapter in finiam’s history were the amazing folk at Subvisual, who saw the potential in pivoting the business to a service-focused approach around the Fintech area and brought me and Davide in to make it happen.

This initial merger by two previous teams and with the guidance of Subvisual allowed us to pick up the valuable lessons from each of our histories and forge ahead building something new, evolving and adapting it to fit a new reality and a new challenge.

I think that’s enough looking at the past so let us move forward and I’ll try to explain why we decided to do this and how we do it.

We believe there is a solid trend of founders and incumbents wanting to thread the needle of starting new software businesses and launch new products and solutions, specially in the Fintech market. This trend only accelerated with the pandemic that hit us in this year. At their heart these initiatives, call it a startup or an innovation challenge by the incumbents, represent a big bet for the directly responsible individuals behind them. At finiam we can help you by hedging your risk with an experienced team, eager to learn your specific context and assist you in winning your bet. Our core skillset is around design, web development and product management. We can take you from market research, prototyping and user testing to building your product and setting up the appropriate infrastructure for it to run. Or we can aid you in offloading non-essential necessities like financial services or payment integrations so that your team can focus in what’s important for your success. We always feel proud when we end our work preparing an hand off to your team or even aiding you in recruiting new team members to do so. We want our work to continue to have meaningful impact on your business long after we are gone from the picture.

Team photo 2020

Currently we are a small team of six, from different backgrounds and interests, which I hope you’ll get to know with the content we’ll publish in here. While we intend to be a small team by design, we also are always keeping our eyes and ears open for new talented people to join our team. Our mission as a team is to improve people’s lives by untangling the financial world. Whatever the work we do, at the end of the line it always has an impact in a human being and we like to be mindful of that responsibility.

At the end of day we are just a bunch of people who define themselves as problem-solvers, striving to get better everyday and who are not afraid to embrace a new challenge when it appears. I truly believe that’s what bind us together and where the key for our success lies. Hopefully you’ll value that as well and we can partner up sometime soon!